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Danish haircare brand Zenz is made by professionals for professionals and aims to improve salon quality with products that are formulated using only the purest ingredients derived from the earth’s natural ecosystems.

Newly introduced to the Australian market, Zenz prides itself on selecting the best combination of natural and organic ingredients without compromising on quality. The Zenz concept encapsulates three main ideas – look good, feel good and do good. In saying so, the ‘do good’ pillar of the brand’s ethos refers to doing a good deed for hair health and the environment.

Zenz is proud to be affiliated with such highly-acclaimed certifications; its products are certified by a number of recognised labels including, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified, Ecocert COSMOS Organic and Vegan Society, as well as taking part in the Ocean Waste Plastic program. These certifications guarantee that Zenz products are healthy, sustainable, allergy-friendly, natural, organic and vegan, with the majority of packaging made from 100% recycled plastic.

The Danish professional haircare brand’s various certifications offer Australian hairdressers exceptional haircare options. Zenz is delighted to be affiliated with such highly-acclaimed certifications and what each one means for the brand and hairdressing industry as a whole. Zenz goes above and beyond, priding its product development on exceeding the maximum share of natural and certified organic ingredients required by the certifications.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan is the official eco-label for the Nordic countries and a guarantor for environmentally friendly and healthy products. Their goal is to reduce total environmental impact from production and consumption throughout the entire product life cycle from raw materials use, disposal and recycling. Also advocating for health and requirements for substances that are disruptors to consumers’ health including problematic substances. All products certified by The Nordic Swan Ecolabel must have no parabens, allergenic preservatives, microplastics in products, and perfume-free when the product is made for children under 12 years. Zenz shares the same values as The Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s holistic approach and emphasis on health and environment so that all Zenz products must live up to the standard of the certification.


AllergyCertified is the world’s first international certification that checks for allergens and harmful chemicals. When a product is certified by AllergyCertified, toxicologists have to review every single ingredient in the product to guarantee that the certified product does not cause allergies. With Zenz AllergyCertified, hairdressers and consumers can rest assured that there are no stored allergens or endocrine disruptors in the products. With minimal risk of developing allergies. Zenz has developed their Pure series, AllergyCertified for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and others who avoid both artificial and natural perfume substances safely to enjoy Zenz products.

EcoCert COSMOS Organic

EcoCert COSMOS Organic is an international certification of natural and organic ingredients. Ecocert-certified products are produced to the highest standards of natural and organically certified cosmetics, COSMOS is a standard for organic and natural cosmetics. COSMOS Organic is the highest level of certification of the COSMOS standard and many Zenz organic products proudly carry. Ecocert COSMOS Organic products must be natural, and contain 95 per cent of the natural oils and extracts, and grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

Vegan Society

Vegan Society, otherwise known as The Sunflower Label is the international standard for vegan products. Founded by the vegan association, The Vegan Society, in 1944, the organisation strives to support and promote the vegan and plant-based way of life. The majority of Zenz's products are vegan and to guarantee and certified with The Vegan Society guaranteeing that the products are produced without animal ingredients.

Ocean Waste Plastic

Zenz has considered all parts of their packaging lifecycle for a better environment. Zenz collaborates with ReSea, Ocean Waste Plastic to collect plastic from the world’s oceans 1:1 against the packaging weight of Zenz products. The brand is helping do good for the environment and clean up the world’s oceans every time a Zenz product is produced.

Zenz is reshaping the future of the hair and beauty in an industry that can be dominated by harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The Danish brand is entering the spotlight to pioneer sustainability to the Australian market as a leader with a headstrong approach and sustainable solutions in the hair industry.

This edited article was originally published in INSTYLE Professional, Australia’s leading hairdressing industry magazine.

Zenz is exclusively imported and distributed in Australia by Dateline Imports P/L. For more information on Zenz please speak to your Dateline Imports rep or contact us.

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