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Monday 21st February 2022
Time: 11am AEDT
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For the first time in Australia, BaBylissPRO announces the rare opportunity to meet and learn from three highly requested BaBylissPRO Barberology Ambassadors in an exclusive free live webinar. Simply register your details and tune in on 21st February 2022 to meet the biggest names in modern barbering as they take you through their incredible stories and highly coveted tips and techniques. Be among the first in Australia to get an exclusive look at the latest innovations and upcoming product launches from the BaBylissPRO Barberology range.

Coming off the international success of their Influencer Series collaborations with BaBylissPRO, these barbering superstars are industry hot commodities, in between their impressive social media followings, major celebrity clientele and educating globally as BaBylissPRO Ambassadors. Now an unmissable opportunity to meet them live, learn some hot new tips and be in the know for what BaBylissPRO has in store for 2022 and beyond! Meet the in-demand industry professionals elevating barbering to new heights:


babylisspro ambassadors carlos estrella

His passionate mastery of tools, trends, and techniques that has made him one of Barberology’s most requested artists. Collaborating in 2021 to create the exceptional BaBylissPRO Black/RedFX Skeleton Lithium Trimmer, this Chicago native gained widespread industry respect, and a 234k Instagram following, through his unique Windy City inspired designs and signature hair tattoos. He now proudly shares his skills with the world as a BaBylissPRO educator with his ability to simplify men’s grooming and teach the latest and greatest technology in tools and technique making Carlos one of Barberology’s most respected educators.


His impeccable artistry and reputation as an elite barber has made him a hot commodity for NFL pro athletes. In homage to his Irish heritage, Pat made the green clover the symbol of his success, embodying that spirit into his 2021 collaboration with BaBylissPRO, creating the absolute beast GreenFX Skeleton Lithium Trimmer. Humbly boasting over 130k Instagram followers, his superstar status really can be handed down to the clean, smooth precision of his artistry. His impeccable skill in all things barbering, and ability to teach and relate techniques are why he is one of the top requested Barberology team members.

MEET SOFIE POK (@staygold31)

The creative genius who has spent the last ten years laser focused on building her international lifestyle brand, Staygold31. With a multitude of awards including Female Barber of the Year by Barbercon, Men’s Shot of the Year and Fade Shot of the Year at Behind the Chair, and Barber of the Year at the American Influencer Awards, Sofie is a force to be reckoned with. Her original collaboration with BaBylissPRO in the first-ever Influencer Series in 2020, saw the creation of the now beloved BaBylissPRO BlackFX Lithium Clipper and matching BlackFX Skeleton Lithium Trimmer. With a monumental 419k Instagram following, this Los Angeles based barber has solidified her international superstar status with her fresh, creative barbering techniques, expressing true LA fashion through her modern West Coast styles, innate attention to detail and impeccably clean lines.

Along with the chance to learn and discuss all things barbering with these three incredible artists, attendees will also get to enjoy informative discussions on all things BaBylissPRO. From tools, tips, techniques, trends plus, an exclusive look into the high-anticipated launches coming in 2022! Some of the high-requested topics that will be covered include:

  • Why BaBylissPRO is The Choice for Barbers
  • Innovative Blade Technology
  • Exclusive Clipper and Trimmer Technology
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tools
  • The NEW FX3 range VS the NEW lowPro range
  • Get To Know the Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors and Social Media – How to Build Your Personal Brand
  • What’s Hot in 2022 - Trending Styles and Techniques

A must-see for all industry professionals, you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from the pros and be one of the first in Australia to find out about the exclusive BaBylissPRO drops coming in 2022. Register today!

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